Laser treatment intended to remove pigment spots and tattoos


Laser treatment intended to remove pigment spots and tattoos


In our clinic we use the most modern medical instrumentation available. One such device we offer in our clinical treatment is the Q-SWITCHED laser, which effectively removes and softens:

  • wrinkles,
  • enlarged pores,
  • vascular lesions,
  • pigment patches and freckles,
  • removes tattoos.

This revolutionary treatment using the exact intensity of the Q-SWITCHED LASER and carbon preparation penetrates deep into the skin and cleans and tones the complexion. It is a rapid and effective method that will have your complexion looking fresh immediately after treatment. The treatment is also very efficient, with excellent results achieved in a very short time.

What kind of treatments are performed with the Q-Switched laser?

  • laser rejuvenation
  • laser acne therapy
  • laser vascular therapy
  • laser pigment theory
  • laser tattoo removal

If you want to remove a tattoo once and for all, have it removed by the Q-SWITCHED laser. This is modern and advanced tattoo removal. People who want a tattoo removed are those whose tattoos no longer look attractive or present an obstacle to employment (in a visible location) or to their personal life (a remembrance of a former boyfriend/girlfriend).

With laser lifting using the Q-SWITCHED LASER the skin is deeply cleansed and strengthened. Repeated treatment thus has the consequence of notably improving the skin. It leads to visible improved tone of the complexion, texture, clarity and at the same time reduces the occurrence of pores, thus also reducing the occurrence of lines and wrinkles while renewing the firmness of the complexion.

On what principle does the Q-Switched laser function?

The laser produces short flashes which pass through the upper layer of the skin without disrupting it. Light of various wavelengths is absorbed by the pigment

of the tattoo dyes and this leads to consequent blasting off – fragmentation of the pigment into small particles. The skin’s immune system removes the damaged dye particles, or they flake off together with damaged surface skin cells. With each additional treatment, the depth to which the laser functions is increased and thus the tattoo is removed even in the bottom layers of the skin. The Q-SWITCHED LASER can remove even the deepest and most problematic dyes of a tattoo. After treatment, the skin may become reddened and a scab forms, which soon falls off.

Course of treatment with use of the Q-Switched laser

The treatment itself is relatively fast. The laser produces a short flash, which passes through the upper layer of skin without disturbing in it. Light of various wavelengths is absorbed thanks to the carbon gel, and the collagen is thus stimulated and constricts and strengthens, thus giving the skin a younger look and again renewing its firmness and flexibility. The best results are achieved upon undergoing the treatment multiple times.

Process after treatment with the Q-Switched laser

In most cases, treatment is accompanied by a moderate reaction of the skin to the intervention. The moderate skin irritation, however, rapidly fades and lasts only several hours in individual cases. After treatment the complexion is more radiant and toned and the pores are reduced.

Why this treatment?

  • rapid treatment without an operation
  • pain-free, no side-effects
  • possible combination with other treatments or rejuvenation techniques
  • treatment performed exclusively by a doctor

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