RF Fractional


RF Fractional



The only fractional radiofrequency in Slovakia. All women and men who want to improve their appearance but fear pain occurring during and after the procedure, will certainly enjoy the good news – this special device has now arrived here, too. Fractional radiofrequency is based on targeted advanced radiofrequency technology. The FRACTION RF system is used as a combined treatment or individually; it maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment of different indications. The specially designed heads and handpieces are available for various kinds of clinical treatments, whether high-performance, different levels.

It effectively removes:

  • reduction of wrinkles

  • correction of scars, acne scars

  • immediate tightening of the skin

  • improved structure of the skin

  • overall skin rejuvenation

  • removal of surface pigment patches

Universal technology

Effective on all types of skin, and it can be used on the skin of the face, neck, décolletage and anywhere on the body. The module for fractional RF uses several extensions. Fractional RF is also used for easier and more effective deep application of medicines. Fractional RF can be applied throughout the year regardless of the season.

Benefits of the treatment:

  • rapid, pain-free treatment

  • treatment of large and small areas

  • safe and effective

  • long-lasting results

  • no infections, swelling or hyperpigmentation

  • no convalescence 

How the treatment progresses:

With treatment using this technology, an ablation zone is created, which represents 15-20% of the treated area; the surrounding area remains intact. This unaffected area then serves as a reservoir for rapid healing of the treated tissue. The healing of treated tissue occurs faster through the migration of keratinocytes from the undamaged tissue. The healing process then leads to the elimination, tightening of the collagen and elastin fibres and newly created collagen.

Results and recovery time after treatment:

Almost no recovery time is needed after treatment. You can return to your normal daily activities just a few hours after the treatment. By ablating only part of the skin and not the entire surface, the risk of infection is minimized and the healing of damaged tissue takes place more rapidly. The treatment is highly effective; excellent results are achieved in a very short time.

We recommend several combined cures with MASSADA cosmetics, depending on the application for higher, but mainly faster efficiency (e.g.: Pearl with REPAIR, Hyaluronic acid, Caviar, Soft Wrinkle, Sensitive Skin, Whitening, Bio Cellular). Between individual treatments, we likewise recommend to the client several professional lifting cosmetics from DERMACENTER in combination with the MASSADA home treatment.

Why this treatment?

  • effective with all types of skin
  • use on the skin of the face, neck, décolletage and anywhere on the body
  • applied throughout the year, regardless of the season
  • use for the reduction of wrinkles and striae
  • correction of scars, acne scars
  • immediate tightening of the skin
  • improved structure of the skin and overall recovery of the skin
  • removal of surface pigment patches

* You can register at klient.dcmedical.eu and use credit payment, where with the highest bonus you pay the highest price | Anyone can register, even a new client/patient

** Prices are orientational only | The final price depends on the complexity and range of the interventions, which we will confirm upon consultation | The price list is valid on date 25.2.2024



place OC RETRO Ružinov
Nevädzová 6 (1. floor)
821 01 Bratislava

alternate_email bratislava@dermacenter.sk
phone +421 2 221 17 110

alternate_email bratislava@dentalc.sk
phone +421 2 221 17 112


place OC MLYNY
Štefánikova trieda 35/61 (2. floor)
949 01 Nitra

alternate_email nitra@dermacenter.sk
phone +421 37 221 11 13

alternate_email nitra@plasticcenter.sk
phone +421 37 221 11 14

alternate_email nitra@dentalc.sk
phone +421 37 221 11 15


place Tajovského 17
040 01 Košice

alternate_email kosice@dermacenter.sk
phone +421 55 221 11 25

alternate_email kosice@plasticcenter.sk
phone +421 55 221 11 26

alternate_email kosice@dentalc.sk
phone +421 55 221 11 27

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